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    Yes, they’ve been contacted and I haven’t heard back, same as the previous “enhancment request” I filed with them for them to work on having the ThinLinux 2.0 3040/5070 to automatically reconnect to a VMware Horizon session after an extended network disconnect to the client. Right now there’s manual keyboard/VNC intervention required to re-establish the session. We’re trying to find alternatives to Teradici PCoIP clients but there’s honestly nothing out there that has the basic features we’ve grown accustomed to on the Teradici P20/25’s.

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    Meanwhile this is the last correspondence I received from the support engineer on the case I opened for this issue:


    We finally got an answer back from engineering about this  issue


    It appears that the clearing of manually input WIFI information upon rebooting once the device is attached to WMS is by design.


    If we need this to be addressed, we’ll need to submit it as an Enhancement Request with your Pre-Sales Engineer.  Do you know who your Account Representative or Systems Engineer might be? Please contact them and request That manually input WIFI information be retained when the device is rebooted, while it’s registered to WMS.”


    Sounds like internally they don’t even know what the expected behavior is supposed to be. It should be called Wyse Converter 0.1 Beta honestly. This is not a 2.0 product Dell.

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    No I made sure that all network configuration settings were omitted in the WMS policy.


    In regards to the write filter, just found the release notes for the converter software and it looks like the DWF is only applicable to Win7 systems and the UWF is only applicable to Win10 Enterprise systems. We’re using Win10 Pro so does that mean we’re not utilizing a write filter at all and just relying on netxclean? A RAMDisk does get configured after the software is installed so I would think that there is some kind of redirection of writes occurring.

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    We’re having the same issue with Wyse Converter for PC’s 2.0 and WMS 1.3 Pro Cloud. The wifi settings were being retained find before we had the clients reporting connecting to WMS. Now that they are connecting to WMS the wifi settings are getting wiped on logout/reboot. All the documentation points to a UWF/DWF write filter but none of these filter utilities are available/exist on our laptops after Wyse Converter 2.0 is installed. What’s the deal @ConfGen ? I’ve disabled netxclean service to rule out whether it was the culprit of the wifi settings getting lost but they are still getting wiped.

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    The setting takes but there is no drop down enabled to select the second broker. It just logs into the first


    And here’s the wms ini:

    TimeZone=”GMT – 05:00″ ManualOverride=Yes TimeZoneName=”Eastern” daylight=No

    Signon=Yes SaveLastDomainUser=no LastUserName=No

    TimeServer= DateFormat=mm/dd/yyyy TimeFormat=”12-hour format”



    PlatformConfig=All EncryptFS=Yes

    WDMService=No QuickMode=Yes




    AdminMode=No ShowAdmin=No

    Privilege=high EnableTrace=No LockDown=No ShowDisplaySettings=No EnableKeyboardMouseSettings=No DisableChangeDateTime=No

    SignOn=Yes ExpireTime=0 RequireSmartCard=No SCRemovalBehavior=0 DisableGuest=No

    MaxVNCD=0 VNCD_8bits=No VNCD_Zlib=No

    SecurityPolicy=warning SecuredNetworkProtocol=No TLSMinVersion=1 TLSMaxVersion=3 DNSFileServerDiscover=Yes TLSCheckCN=Yes


    Screen=1 Resolution=DDC Rotate=None refresh=60

    device=mtouch mult_touch=No mult_jitter=30

    Dualhead=Yes Mainscreen=2 Align=Center Swap=No Taskbar=mainScreen Orientation=hort MonitorAutoDetect=Yes

    ScreenSaver=0 LockTerminal=1 Type=None PictureTimer=6 PictureOrder=Default PictureCheck=Default PictureLayout=stretch Sleep=10 Unit=No

    Screen=2 Resolution=ddc refresh=60 rotate=none


    AutoSignoff=10 Shutdown=no Reboot=no


    SysMode=VDI Toolbardisablemouse=no Toolbardelay=0 toolbarautoquit=Yes Toolbar_no_conmgr=No Toolbardisablehotkey=No ToolbarEnableOneSession=No toolbarstay=1 toolbarclick=No ToolBarAutoQuit=No EnableLogonMainMenu=No


    AutoLoad=1 VerifySignature=yes

    ConnectionBroker=VMware \
    host=; SecurityMode=low ConnectionType=Blast AutoConnectList=”” EnableUnAuthenticatedAccess=no

    SessionConfig=all \
    unmapprinters=no unmapserials=no smartcards=no disablesound=no mapdisks=no disksreadonly=no unmapusb=no VUSB_DISKS=yes VUSB_AUDIO=no VUSB_PRINTER=no VUSB_VIDEO=no MultiMonitor=yes FullScreen=yes ondesktop=all






    SessionConfig=Blast \
    EnableH264=no NetworkCondition=Excellent

    SessionConfig=PCoIP \
    USBRedirection=PCoIP ShowDisconnectMessage=no ShowReconnectMessageTime=50 ResumeTimeout=1200

    IEEE8021X=yes \
    network=wired eap=no

    Device=ethernet \

    KeyboardLayout=Us Charset=ISO-8859-1

    Device=keyboard \
    repeatdelay=2 repeatrate=1

    KeySequence=yes Ctrl+Alt+Del=yes Ctrl+Alt+Up=yes Ctrl+Alt+Down=no Ctrl+Alt+Left=no Ctrl+Alt+Right=no Win+L=yes Alt+Tab=no


    Locale=us load=no


    TerminalName=”” \

    Inactive=0 NoSessionTimer=0


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    Is there any way to configure multiple vmware broker url’s in wms 1.3?

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