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    hello i’m new.
    i have some xpe model 9150se and v90.
    i see that the last image firmware for v90 does not have the update agent installed.So i try to install the last version 3 of the wua and seems to be ok.
    my question is how the automatic update works in a xpe thin client if normally write filter is disabled?i see that the client downlaod the permitted xp updates from my wsus3 server but i think that the thin must be in red mode or commit mode to install them in permanent mode?

    or Wyse image gives to windows update agent write mode access in background also if the thin is in green mode (domin user green mode)

    thank any suggestion is appreciated.

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    Currently I am not sure the Wyse XPe supports WSUS however they are about soon. Keep and eye out for the next V90L release image as this should contain the official release with the updates aware of write filter.

    Unfortunately you are out of luck for the 9150 image as its too old and there will be no newer releases. As a FYI Wyse send out an email alert for XPe security hot-fixes and packages for WDM are released to push to and XPe SP2 box,


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    As long as there is a S90 image you can use this for your 9150 as well as the boards are the same.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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