Xp hacking explained?

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    This is a limitation of XP – normally you install a copy of Windows 2003 with terminal server enabled and then use the XPe or CE client to connect back to the server.

    I have a copy of Win2003 Advanced Server which i dont really like very much!

    as before mentioned i used an older (unused) version of the Termsver.dll
    which was eventually not used in XP when it was finalised, safe mode allowed me exclusive access to the DLLCACHE, i renamed the termsver file for safety and removed it to a secure location (replacing it with the modified one), i then deleted the system32 copy of termsvr.dll, when i rebooted, the file protection recopied the modified termsver i added to the cache and allowed me to continue using it as an unrecognized version. also in the group config i can have as many remote connections as i wish but it still says that so and so it still logged in and they basically need to be booted off! yet it shouldnt do that, and i also compared the dll’s and they were different!

    My own thoughts,
    copy the win2003server version of the DLL, and try that?

    any ideas?

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    From what I understand there is a kernel mode that will need modification as well to do this. By default you can support as many different users as you like but only one at a time without the termsvr.dll change.

    Seems like a lot of work just to have more than one user logged. Start the themes service in Win2K3 server and it looks like XP anyway!

    I have run a server on the internet from home for years so I can get my stuff from anywhere and server is great to do this!

    Happy Hacking!

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