Xenith Pro and Xendesktop 7.5 / StoreFront 2.5

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    We are trying to update to XenDesktop 7.5 and have upgraded to StoreFront 2.5.

    Firmware 2.0_210

    We had been testing with XD 7.1 and StoreFront 2.1 and were connecting OK.
    We now cannot connect successfully from StoreFront 2.5 . We logon and get presented with available Desktops. When the Desktop is selected it drops out.
    (We did have some issue with the upgrade of StoreFront – but can still connect via our HP Thin Clients)

    Q1) Is StoreFront 2.5 compatible with the Xenith Pro – and if so are there any extra setting in the Xen.ini required. (Already have StoreFront = Yes )

    Q2) Also are there any new parameters for Xen.ini to control the AutoConnect at Disconnect ? (When it was working, you would log off your Desktop and it would then auto log you back on 20 seconds later)


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    Haven’t heard of any issues with SF 2.5 until now.
    I only have 2.1 running here without any issues.

    What issues do you have with the Autoconnect/Disconnect?


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    Got caught by the can’t submit bug on previous attempts to update…

    1) The dropout was caused by video drivers. Removing non cirtrix resolved issue.

    2) Side effect of manual tinkering… Factory reset and apply xen.ini again – and behaving “normally”

    Note we are using VDA7.1 – Citrix support indicate 7.5 not compatible with Wyse Receiver version.

    Thanks for logging a technical support case with us.

    Please be advised Xenith Pro (909532-03L) has reached its end of life and as such support for this product is limited and it is on a best effort base.

    Regarding to your concern, per Citrix Ready certified list, Xenith Pro is not compatible with Xendesktop 7.5.

    Here listed the summary:-

    Dell Wyse Xenith Pro is verified to be compatible with:

    VDI-in-a-Box 5.1, 5.0
    XenApp 6.5 64-bit, 6.0 64-bit, 5.0 32-bit
    XenDesktop 7.1, 5.6, 5.5, 5.0, 4.0

    For more detail please refer:-


    Hope we have clarified your concern.

    Wyse Support.

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    We are also seeing this issue with Wyse Xenith & Xenith 2. We are using Xendesktop 7.1 and storefront 2.5. The funny thing is we are only seeing this with users that have dual monitors (span mode). Once we change their thin client to mirror mode they can log in fine. What non citrix drivers are you referring to?


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    In Device Manager -> Display Adapters

    We have disabled the “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter”

    – we only have active the Citrix ones:
    Citrix Display Driver(Citrix Systems – WDDM)
    Citrix Display Driver Mirror Driver
    Citrix Systems Inc. Display Mirror Driver

    Nothing else is being listed.

    This was about 50 glitches ago in our new SOE – but yes was a SPAN type issue. Single monitor was OK. If I remember Mirroring was OK as well .. but can’t be sure.

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