Wyse Z50D sudoers file and file overwritten on reboot.

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    Hi all, new to the forum and had a question. I’ve been configuring and monkeying with my companies Wyse clients getting them ready for pushing out. I am trying to get a script to work that requires an account to be able to mount the USB drive, however only root can do that.

    I went into the sudoers file, set the user to be able to just run mount command and saved it, but upon restart the changes are wiped clean. I want to say it’s some init script, located in /read-write/etc…./WYSE_INIT or somewhere but can’t seem to figure out what to do, so any help would be appreciated!

    Is it possible to set sudoers permissions and such via wnos.ini/wlx.ini files?

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    No, this is not possible.
    The problem is, that Linux is using a squash filesystem. Therefore, all changes are removed after a reboot.
    You would need to create a squashed rpm package and install that on the client.
    There is a document in the product section on this site which explains the steps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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