Wyse V90LE Low Virtual Memory???

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    Hello all, first time poster here…

    I’ve only been working with Wyse thin PC’s for about a month now, and have never touched one before that, so it’s safe to say that I’m a newbie when it comes to these things.

    I have a client who was having particular trouble with one of their V90LE PC’s. To be more specific, it was periodically locking up while in Windows XPe. I dont just mean a normal application lockup either, I’m talking about bizzare screen artifcates and the PC becoming completely unresponsive. I brought it back to my office to do some testing on it, including an attempt at re-imaging it, but all of this was unsuccessful. I wasn’t able to get the PC to connect to my TFTP server, so it never successfully pulled the new image file. Eventually it got to the point where it wouldn’t boot up at all, and would only give me a red light where the green power light typically is.

    It was still under warranty, so I sent it off to Wyse and they replaced the motherboard, and then shipped it back to me. I was then able to get it into Windows, but it would almost instantly alert me that it was low on Virtual Memory. I could close this error box and wait a few minutes, and the machine would seem to steady itself, so I’d wait a bit and then I connected to the clients citrix portal, logged in, and then tried to open an application.

    The citrix connection would attempt to open the program (I was tesing with MS word, excel, powerpoint, all things that the client has used in the past on this system), but it would fail 100% of the time. It would give me a variety of error messages, but they all seemed to indicate an issue accessing the RAM. In some instances it would say quite plainly that the system was out of RAM, while other times it would give a message that it couldn’t access memory location 0x***********.

    I had the unit shipped back to Wyse again, in order to test the RAM, and now that they’ve shipped it back the return slip indicates that the memory module wasn’t being detected (which makes no sense to me, I mean how could the unit boot into Windows XPe if it couldn’t detect the RAM at all?) and that the firmware was corrupt.

    The RMA return slip indicated that they replaced the RAM module and reimaged the machine prior to sending it back to me.

    When I try to test it out now I’m able to connect to the clients same citrix portal, I’m able to log in, and I can even open some applications, but I’m still periodically getting the “low on virtual memory” message (even when I’ve got nothing but the default applications running).

    I just don’t understand how the system has gone from working fine with 256mb of RAM to barely working at all with the same RAM configuration. I had thought about shipping it back to Wyse again (for the third time) but it’s gotten to the point where that just seems like a waste of time.

    I’ve replaced the RAM in other Wyse machines before, so I’m wondering if my best bet is to just increase the RAM from the stock 256mb to 512mb, or even going to a gigabyte.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

    Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

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    I noticed this morning that there was some software running on the Thin Client that hadn’t been there when I sent it to Wyse. It looks like whatever re-imagine process that they did installed these applications, but because they had told me it was *my image* that was restored, I hadn’t anticipated this.

    There was a TightVNC application, along with something else to do with VMware.

    I also found a few services that had been set to start automatically with windows. Most of it was pretty basic stuff, like the Windows Update agent, but they’re all things that I don’t really need to be chewing up resources.

    I figure I’ll still upgrade the ram on it, but at least I can now open a few applications through Citrix without it complaing about low memory.

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    Hi Adam,

    When a unit is re-imaged at the service center a single large image is placed on the unit. This image comes pre-installed with a bunch of stuff like terminal emulation, Citrix and VMware clients etc.

    The XPe have a filter that protects the C: drive from writes temp and profile changes out to the 16MB Z: drive. Also by default no page file is used as you should size the unit not to require a page file.

    In your instance it sounds like an out of memory and the unit has not page file hence the error. Here is a few options here:

    – Stop all the redundant services and pull back the memory (kill updates, wireless, NLA etc if you don’t need them – you may get back up to 80MB RAM!)

    – Do above and add more memory

    – Try setting a very small page file but to the Z: DRIVE ONLY! Make it very small as you have the 16MB RAM drive, sometimes a small pagefile make the error go away.

    Some Citrix applications even published have large client side memory requirements due to cache,


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