Wyse V90L install drivers issue

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    I have my first wyse v90l that we have purchased,

    All I would like to do is install a scanner driver on it.
    And for it to retain that information

    It lets me install and configure the scanner.
    I then reboot the terminal.

    All the information is lost.

    After a bit of digging I worked out how to log on as Administrator (after a long winded way of accessing the terminals C$ from my pc dropping a short cut for regedit.exe on the user desktop, then killing some keys so I had the control panel access to change to administrator user on logon)

    But it seems on each reboot , its wiping the xp flash system. Or at least killing the user profiles and newly installed apps/drivers

    How on earth do i disable this, I had a look in the registry nothing obvious there.

    It is driving me mad now.

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    Looks like a RTFM issue. 😉

    Log in as administrator and click on “FBWF disable” on the desktop. This way you are disabling the so called File Based Write Filter which is preventing any write access to the flash.
    After you have finished your install/s) you should enable it again for security and lifetime reason.


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    That sorted it


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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