Wyse V30L: Keyboard issues after upgrade to B596

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    Hi there,

    I stumbled upon your excellent forum on my search for answers to a specific problem.

    Last week I installed WDM at one of our customers to manage his Wyse V30L and V30LE Clients. The discovery and management worked flawless and we promptly started pushing out new firmware to the clients.

    So I updated 3 devices to build 596.0 (from various earlier images ranging from 563 to 588) with the download from Wyse homepage. Even though all devices include 128MB flash, they still stay at WinCE5, because of the upgrade costs to WinCE6.

    The updates went smoothly, took abaout 2-3 minutes on each client. After the update they reported to WDM and we went into the weekend.

    Today I receive reports, that on all 3 updated clients the keyboards (and mouses) stopped working. I can connect with Remote Shadow and use keyboard and mouse over VNC without problems.

    I could not find anything about this problem as known issue or bug. But maybe anyone of you has an idea what the cause could be.

    Device report:
    Diagnostic Report For: thinclient
    Physical RAM: 256 MB
    Available: 146 MB
    Percent Available: 57
    CPU: VIA Esther Processor 800 MHz
    Network Speed: Auto Detect

    Various Information:
    Media Size: 128 MB
    RAM: 256 MB
    BIOS: REV: 1.14
    HAgent Version:

    I appreciate any kind of input

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    Are you using the original Wyse KB and mouse?


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