Wyse V10L to Citrix via PPTP issues

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    I have 1 remote user that will be using Autoconnect PPTP to connect to the network and then uses the V10L to access two PN/Citrix servers.

    All of my DHCP Wyse and PN settgins are correct (161, 181, 182, and 186) and V10L’s inside the network work pefectly.

    However the one v10L over PPTP will never get to the HServer. Any ideas? Settings are below.

    Looking up IP Address fom DHCP
    Autoconnecting PPTP server
    Contacting SNTP []
    Contacting HServer
    Hagent read error: 5
    Contacting File Server
    Accessing system Profile
    No daylight Start
    Contacting SNTP []
    Checking software ftp:/wnos/vl10_wnos

    Then it pops up the local login box with the U and P instead of the Domain login box. I can ping IP’s in the domain and servers fom the V10L if I use the FQDN. I can ping the V10L from the domain also. So, the IP connectivity is there, it just wont let me login to the domain.

    DHCP Settings

    Option 161 –
    Option 181 –;
    Option 182 – DOMAIN
    Option 186 –



    SignOn=Yes EnableOK=yes DisableGuest=yes LastUsername=yes

    TimeZone=”GMT – 05:00″ ManualOverride=yes DayLight=yes TimeZoneName=”Eastern Standard Time” DayLightName=”Eastern Daylight Time”
    TimeServer= timeformat=”12-hour format”

    Seamless=yes FullscreenReserved=yes

    Priviledge=low HideConnectionManager=yes HidePN=yes HidePPP=no HideSysInfo=yes ShowDisplaySettings=no EnableTrace=Yes

    screenSaver=20 LockTerminal=yes Type=2


    Desktop=dixie.jpg Layout=Center
    DeskColor=”0 0 0″

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    Can you make sure that the option tags are really assigned and used on the remote V10L?


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