Wyse TCX Multimedia Bandwidth ?

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    I was testing Wyse TCX Multimedia across a 3mb wan link and it just ate it up. The typical traffic is about 500kb .. as soon as the movie starts the tcx kicks in and picture gets about 4 frames per minute.

    Locally it works fine. The tech at Wyse said it should be fine over a t1 .. but it’s no better than not having TCX.

    Has anyone seen this run fine over a wan ?

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    Wyse is redirecting the traffic directly to the local unit and plays the movie there instead of transferring the movie to the server and sending screen updates via RDP or ICA.
    This way all the movie has to be transfered to the client. This is far more data as if you use RDP/ICA.
    How big is your movie file? Have you tested different ones?


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    The experience is no difference to your PC playing a file over the WAN link. If you play a 700MB DivX that is encoded at 786Kb/sec that is what you get – 700MB over the link using 3/4 of a meg.

    Multi media takes planning over WAN, WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) technologies are really useful for this. I tested a Cisco WAAS (that’s pronounced “waz”) caching files with RDP over the the link and it worded great.

    The MMR is less bandwidth than playing straight RDP but its not going to magically make DivX movies watchable on your dial modem 🙂


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