Wyse Simple imager Problems

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    I am using Winterm 3150SE WinCE5.0

    I attempted to flash an image (USB mass storage addon) to my thin client but with not much luck or hope so far! i have read all the instructions properly and nothing seems to work. i have installed DHCP turbo with all default setting, created the Rapporttoolssa DIRs, and run the WSI setup
    set the FTP location as C:inetpubftproottools (ISS is installed), readwrite privelages are set, basically everything is configd as it should be and i have disabled firewalls etc and set the IP as etc

    the problem is when i click submit on the WSI, the TFTP app opens, listens on port 69 etc, then i get a message saying RESTARTSTART CLIENT, i power the client up then click ok, nothing more occurs, at first i waited for a good while not closing the app as advised, i dont want to flash its complete memory!

    in simple what other things may i have overlooked, all i want to do is access usb devices or manage them!

    P.S. sorry to go on but where can i get CE compatible programs? either to run in emulaton or as an addon (if i ever get the bloody thing flashing)


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    You will need to set the boot order to LAN boot first in the boot order.

    Actually, rather than using simple imager, boot the terminal go to the control panel and select upgrade then you can pull an image from a ftp sever – much easier!

    For addons download from wyse.com and select upgrade from the control panel and use ftp again install the addons.

    To make your own is a bigger issue – unfortunately there is no standard bin for CE, each vendor has to create them for the platform they use. If you push the bins in there is no guarantee they will run,


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    I also posted this in your other topic, but…
    I usually have better results along with thinkthin’s advice, is the order in which I had installed the imaging software. Usually I will install FTP, then DHCP Turbo, and lastly Wyse Simple Imager. You can also open up your FTP Service and open up the Current Sessions to make sure that the client is connecting with your FTP. This has helped me troubleshoot a lot of issues when it comes to Rapport and WSI. Hope it helps 😉

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