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    I am new to wyse and esspecially new to LINUX.
    I am trying to deploy the following into our production environment.

    Wyse s50 connecting to RDP using TS. I have built my TS and there great.

    I now want to deploy S50’s what i want to do is have the device boot up and have 2 username.ini files called user.ini and admin.ini. i want the user.ini locked down so all i have to do is log in with a username and password for the user or admin account. Ideally i would want to have no login box for the user and then be able to bring one up if i needed to login to change something. i also need to configure each thin client with it’s own AD account for example

    UKTC0010 and the password Pr0duction1
    can some one help me get my head round this

    Also i have had an s50 for testing but i have locked it down with statement privlidge =none and kiosk with no g key reset. how do i reset it to default. PLEASE HELP many thanks John

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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