Wyse S30 Cannot Print

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    We have many s30 through-out our bussiness and we have found a common problem with these s30(these only have usb ports)

    1.When a usb mouse is connected on some of the usb ports the mouse
    does not work. We are using microsoft optical mice

    2.We use usb to parallel converted cable and we connect these to dot-matrix printers. Now when a a few print jobs are sent (we use 2003 terminal server) the first print job prints ok after the first the rest of them will not not print or these will be a 5 min pause before it prints. We have tried many of these cables including the ones suggested by wyse and some of them print with a pause (wyse suggested one) and the others will not print.

    3. We cannot get any laser or inkjet printers to work on these devices

    We are now using v30 and all of the above work on these terminals

    Please help because we dont want to replace 50 s30’s

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    Can you see what firmware is on the S30’s, maybe you can use the same build as is on the V30’s?


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