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    The company where i work want the Wyse S10 terminals to be locked after 10 minutes of inactive usage of our users.

    This has been accomplisched by editting the WNOS.ini file and adjust the right settings.
    So far, so good.
    But the problem our users are reporting is that when the terminal is locked, other users are able to logoff their sessions on that terminal.

    The other users can do that because when the terminal is locked the user have multiple options to unlock the terminal.
    The options are:
    1. Unlock password
    2. Sign-off from account “account name”
    3. Shutdown the system
    4. Restart the system

    As you can imagine, our users are not satisfied by this because when they lock the terminal, other users can logoff his/her session so the user logged in loses all his unsaved work.

    My question is if we can modify the lock screen by removing the last three options so only the user with his password can unlock his terminal session?

    I already checked the wnos.ini file for this but there is nothing you can do to hide these options.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is no way to modify this behaviour.
    Two options:
    1. Ask Wyse to implement this feature
    2. It shouldn’t be an issue as even if another user is rebooting the client or logging off the original user, his/her sessions should still be open on the TS/Citrix server.


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    Thanks for the help Confgen.
    We will accept this behavior.

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