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    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me out.

    I work for a an IT support company and one of our customers has replaced all of their Wyse S10 units. When the units where in their office they booted straight up and loaded the terminal server session fine. There was no special configuration on the network and there were no wnos.ini files in use.

    We now have these units but when we power them on there is a prompt for FTP Login and they never used to do this on the previous site. When you close this dialog the unit functions fine but I don’t know why this is coming on.
    I’ve tried resetting the unit to factory defaults and also loaded the defaults in the BIOS but the problem still persists.

    Can anyone tell me where this is coming from and how I can get rid of it (without using a wnos.ini file)?


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    Could these units have been upgraded to WTOS7? If so it needs an FTP-server to server “the other half” of WTOS7.

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    Please check if anonymous login is allowed on your FTP server. Do a small check with a browser or command prompt or any other application.

    When the S10 would have been upgraded to WTOS7 and the RCA_boot can’t be found it would be loaded with a mini-rom.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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