Wyse S-10 Passbook printers

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    Trying to get an Olivetti PR2/e passbook printer to work via USB on a Wyse S-10.
    the Wyse just needs to act as an LPD server, at this point I can’t get it to even test print from the WTOS.

    Printer=lpt1 Name=”PB99″ PrinterID=”Olivetti PR2″ Class=”txt” Enabled=yes EnableLPD=yes
    Printer=LPD1 LocalName=”PB99″ Host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Queue=PB99 PrinterID=”Olivetti PR2″ Class=Txt Enabled=yes

    i’ve tried the above using “Generic / text only” already. Any help would be appreciated and I apologize if this is a dead horse that has already been beaten.


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    First you can skip the Class argument as this is only for Thin Print.
    Remove the Printer=LPD1 line and try to print from a PC to that printer attached to the S10.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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