Wyse IP Address renewal – Cisco NAC

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    We’re experiencing somewhat of a intricate issue, not with the Wyse it self but in conjunction with Cisco NAC.

    What happens is the following:
    1. Wyse unit gets its IP from DHCP in a DMZ VLAN
    2. At the same time, but a little delayed, as the unit gets its IP, Cisco NAC identifies the unit and apply the configured rules. The rules in this case moves the wyse unit over to another VLAN (link down, link up) and this is where the problem arise.

    It seems like the Wyse units (1200LE, V10, C10) does not support IP Address renewal. At least that’s what is stated in the WTOS 6 Admin guide for DHCP Lease expiration, which triggers a reboot of the device.

    So, are there anyone out there who’s using Cisco NAC or other NAC products which have a possible solution for me? As of now we’re looking at keeping the Wyse units in the DMZ VLAN, but that limits our configuration possibilities with a differential WNOS.INI. We would like to move the unit to the correct VLAN, but as of now that seems impossible…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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