Wyse eXP S90 join to domain and image?

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    Hi All,

    Hope somoeone can help. I’m planning to role out 70 Wyse eXP Terminals (S90)

    We have a bespoke application that has to be installed onto the Wyse Terminal. This is fine, but another requirement is to join the terminal to the Active Directory Domain.

    The problem I can see, if I “image” the terminal, and re-deploy, the whole process isn’t very slick. Having to “image” a sys-prepped terminal, so I can re-join to the domain with a new wyse termianl name etc… disabling and re-enabling the FBWF.. .is all a time consuming process, and kinda defeats the object of a wyse terminal…

    Has anyone else had the same scenario?

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    Here are a few links on how to do this. If this for one applications and no roaming profiles or data I would use the join domin script – you can not use sysprep,




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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