Wyse doesnt load Ini from FTP IIS 7.5 W2k8 R2

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    Good evening,

    I have tree Wyses T50 Model, an a server WinServer 2008R2 with a WDM instalation. in the Windows 2k8 configure a FTP service over IIS 7.5 and a DHCP like require the installation guide.
    from the menu INI setting I have enabled the function USE INI FILES FROM SERVER ONLY and GET INI AND UPGRADE SERVER DETAILS VIA DHCP, but doesn’t load el ini file.

    I wait for a response.
    Many Tanks.

    Alejandro Barrios.

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    What option tag on your DHCP server have you set? Where did you store the wlx.ini?


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    With a T50, dhcp option 161 FTP server must be a string (hostname).

    Check your FTP logs for path problems.
    Create the required directory or use dhcp option 162.

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    Here you possibly may have 2 moments:
    1) in the first T50 firmware I found that ini files worked only if I put them into wyse (root) folder of ftp – opposed to wysewlx folder in S50
    2) W2008S FTP server requires special tuning (look in the Help please) to provide passive mode connection. Absence of such tuning prevents connections from different LAN segments. Hence – no ini’s. You can check ftp server logs and if error reading wlx.ini is found then this point is actual.

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    Instead of dhcp, have you tried using the ip address for the server? I’m assuming it’s static and reserved?

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