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    I have this setup :

    Windows server 2008 R2
    Wyse C10LE (WTSO 7.0.113)

    I have created few application like IE, Firefox, WinZip and Acrobat Reader in the wnos,ini. The C10LE will connect to the Windows Server 2008 via terminal service. Once the user log n in, they’ll only able to access these 4 application. I have hide the local c drive with group policy. User are not allow to access any local drive but they can use the thumb drive plug in the C10LE to save their documents. The following is my requirement :

    i) Can user direct save their documents into the thumb drive, eg. when they surf some pdf file from internet with Acrobat Reader, once the want to save the file, normally they will go to file -> save a copy , a windows will popup showing default document folder, at the left side of the popup windows, then we can see Desktop icon, Computer icon, Network icon. This will allow user access all these content. Is possible to hide all this and just let user see the thumb drive only ?

    ii) There is another scenario, eg. once the user wanted to view/download the file format which no support by these 4 application, there is windows show “you have choose to open xxx file”, then they can see there is 2 button inside the windows showing : open with and save file. If user choose open with, these few application like IE,wordpad and Notepad. Is possible for me to prevent this as well.

    I understand this not the C10LE problem, what I hope is some one has go through this kind of requirement can share with me how to solve this issue.

    Thanks in advanced.


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    Well this is indeed not a Wyse issue more a Windows environment problem/config.

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