wyse 5470 and thinos 9.1

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    we have wyse laptop 5470 with thinos and wms 3.1  with package ui 10.0.113.

    1 : i would like to change the default jack settings to be set to headphone is this possible ?

    2 : we have an issue with keyboard language in the citrix session, i cant have the french keyboard by default.



    do you have any idea ?

    Thanx you


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    i have found an option in Citrix session parameters for the keyboard :

    Keyboard Layout Mode
    change from default server to Client Setting

    for default jack settings still looking.


    and another question :

    someone can send me all the best parameters in citrix and wms to have teams audio and video the smoothest possible ? thanx

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    I have a problem with the language of keyboard. When i start an application in citrix session the keyboard is in english.

    I change the Keyboard layout mode but i have the problem.

    And i have a problem with audio of Skype and Teams is not smoothest.

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    i’m french too,

    I don’t know if we can speak French on this forum

    we are on Microsoft RDS, we had keyboard problems, we had to switch to English on WMS, then configure the keyboard in French and it was ok, concerning headphones USB (Jabra), here is my configuration (headphones USB and active speakers)


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    Regarding the keyboard layout, check out the ThinOS release notes. This topic is described very well there.


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