WT3235LE – Need to upgrade from 2.12 to 5

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    I came across a post on this forum which I cannot find for the life of me again. It had a great explanation of the steps needed to upgrade my ancient wyse terminal from 2.12 to 5. I attempted to perform the upgrade yet I keep on getting a not enough memory error. From what i understand, I should have the 16mb flash memory available for such an upgrade but for some reason, I just can’t get it installed.

    Someone did hint that if i was to remove the addons from the INI file in the firmware directory (before the upgrade and removing the corresponding numbers) that this would trim down the size of the install. Tried but to no avail.

    All I need to do is connect to dhcp, and use ICA. No usb modem, screen saver etc… just straight connection to the citrix server. I did see that there is a primer/stripped down version of the 5.0 firmware. Could someone be kind enough to tell me how to go about stripping down the 5.0 found on Wyse’ tech support site or how to find one?

    Thank you!

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    To get a primer version you would have to contact Wyse. But they will only hand it out, if you have bought a CE firmware upgrade to 5.0.
    The primer itself is around 9MB plus the ICA client with about 4MB could work. But it is really a tricky one.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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