WT1200LE Explorer not loading Server 2008 SP2

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    We have taken over a company that use a lot of old WT1200LE terminals. WE have begun configuring a new Citrix Environment on a Server 2008 SP2 machine.

    Our newer terminals connect without issue but users who have the older 1200LE terminals connect but then are faced with a blank screen. Hitting CTRL – ALT – DEL brings up task manager where I can then launch explorer.exe which then brings up the desktop.

    Unfortunately I am not in front of the terminal and am relying on the existing IT Guy to help troubleshoot. I can’t see any issue from my end but nothing we can do stops this issue. The firmware on the device is v69 (so current).

    The event logs on the server does indicate an issue with Windows Desktop Manager but I have uninstalled the Desktop Experience feature on Server 2008 to no avail.

    Hopefully someone can help as we are scheduled to perform the migration this Thursday night and my position is on the line. I am not familiar with Thin Clients or Citrix so this is all pretty foreign to me so am learning on the fly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you using per device licensing?


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    Sound slike a similar issue I have had. I set the servers display settings to “best performance”. I’ve also considered using a registry setting to disble hardware acceleration.

    The issue is that the winterms dont support the new rendering method of w2008 called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This is the magic software that supports nice things like Aero. To make WPF work on a remote client you need to have the secret sauce of drivers/graphics card just right. It’s very annoying to sort out in enterprise wide deployments.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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