Wsye device images are ?

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    Where are the Device images stored? Can I copy them and move them to another location (like my flash drive)
    Are they all named 9V92.i2d?

    I did a search on the Wyse Server and it looks like they are all named that!

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    I have found that if you create an image from a device, then copy the entire folder related to that image to your flash drive (or whatever), you can easily import them to a different instance of WDM later, and keep track of them by name.

    To import, place the image folder into your ftprootrapport folder (make sure that the 9V92.i2d file is the correct size, I’ve had issues with the image file not copying properly). Once you’ve placed the folder there, start up WDM and create an image with the same name as the folder. It should pick up the image information that you’ve got and rather than make a new image, it will just use the one that is already there.

    If anyone else has a better way to do this, please let us know, as the method I described above is cumbersome at best.

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    you have to know what belongs together:

    An Image consists of two pieces:
    1.) the image file (the x.i2d File in C:InetpubftprootrapportScriptname)
    2.) the script itself which is stored in the database

    If you want to backup or move an image to another machine just open wdm and right-click on the script and choose ” View Package Script” and copy the content and save it as an scriptname.rsp File.

    Create a subdirectory named as the scriptname and copy the x.i2d File in this directory.

    The Scriptname, the Directory-Name and the Line “Number=scriptname” have to be identical.

    Sometimes I had an invisible char behind the line “Number=xxx” in the rsp file which made it unpossibly to import script.
    This happened only when i did copy the content of “View Package Script” with older WDMs (think it was 4.4.x).
    With WDM 4.5.3 i have not had this problem anymore.
    If it happens then just remove CarriageReturn/Linefeed and insert again.

    I recommend that you read the WDM Documentation unter to get a better understanding of the script file structure.

    9V92.i2d are Images from the Wyse V90L Device.
    Images from the 941GXL are named 941G.i2d.
    As you see you will always know from the name from which device the image is from.

    Hope I could help.

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