Write Disable/Enable Causes BSOD

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    Has anyone come across this.

    When making changes to a 9150 (e.g. additional ICA connection, the unit is set to Write Filter Disable (RED).

    Following a restart and a login as Administrator, when I have finished making the changes, I activate the Write Filter Enable (Green).

    However the Wyse terminal will occasionally Blue Screen. An additional restart normal cures this but not always.

    Can anyone offer advice?

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    I’ve had similar experiences with a v90, and I can’t remember how I got around it. Maybe try a reboot before you enable the write filter? I think it was something simple like that.

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    We had same problems with our V90 and we have updated the BIOS.

    So maybe this is the solution?

    Further wait till the system is completly loaded before turning on or off the filter, we had some problems with the 941GXL serie with this.

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    Had a similar issue with S90’s.

    I think we ended up going back a version of the build and for some reason this fixed it. Could be that this also changed some bios settings?

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