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    I’m new to wyse units but so far enjoy what i see.

    I created a wnos.ini script and put it on my ftp server and all the settings that I have put in it push out to the wyse units perfectly.

    My one question is that all our wyse units where originally setup manually and each of our techs put in a different variation of our RDP name. Since I am pushing out our RDP connection through our wnos script is it possible to put a command in it that will delete any other RDP connection manually made prior so the only name that will be left in it is the one that i create through wnos.ini?

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    If you put a “connect=rdp” statement in the wnos.ini file, with the description, hostname, etc. of the terminal server you want to use, it should be the only one that shows up on your users’ desktops – it will replace whatever is on the desktop now by default.

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    You can put in a FactoryReset=yes in your wnos.ini.
    This will initiate a full reset once and once more after each firmware update.
    To delete one or the other RDP connection you can use a “Connect=RDP ” statement and the name of the to be deleted RDP connection as your “Description=” value. This will delete this one RDP connection from the client.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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