WNOS.INI on 1200LE by MAC

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    I am trying to get my 1200s to have a unique ini file for each one so that they can automatically log into the server (windows 2003) with unique (regular user level) accounts. I have tried many different setups from what I’ve read but nothing seems to work.

    In my wnos.ini file I have as the last line


    I have tried it with the path, and with .ini but no luck.
    I have the individual ini files named {mac}.ini with an RDP connection setup located in the same folder as the wnos.ini and in an inc folder.

    I’d really like this to work, I’d also like to know if there is a way to have a “login screen” on the client itself, not immediately go to the server login screen. Thanks!! BTW, I can get them to connect using a wnos.ini file that has the RDP connection instead of the Include.

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    If your mac.ini has the .ini extension then you have to use Include=$mac.ini. If your mac(.ini) does not have the .ini extension then you have to use Include=$mac.
    Check the FTP Server log if the 1200 is trying to read the mac ini at all.


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    I believe that by default it looks for your mac.ini files in the subdir inc/

    Our folder structure looks lilke:

    Maybe that helps?

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