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    For our environment we need to deploy some (around 41) R10L’s, we use R10L just because they have the needed CPU power for the our multimedia purpose.

    The problem i’m facing now is that sound needs tobe enabled for R10L and all other (S10, V10L, C10L etc.) needs tobe disabled by default.
    I could create $MAC.ini and just enable the sound here but i’m looking for a better way todo this, i was thinking about a system variable which tell me if the client is a S10 or R10L.

    Is there a system variable which tells me what kind of hardware the client is ? Or does anyone got any idea how to enable sound for all R10L’s without creating 41 ini files.

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    There is no such variable available.
    One option could be to rename the R10L units to something like R10xxx1, R10xxx2, and so on.
    Then use the Include parameter in the wnos.ini like this: Include=Left($TN,3)
    Place a R10 file (without extension – not sure if Left($TN,3).ini would work) in the INC folder.
    I haven’t tried that but could work.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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