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    I have a V10L running WTOS 6.3.0_12. It has the onboard wireless card. In our lab, we are using WPA2-AES for authentication and encryption. On the Config Generator setup, I only see the option for WPA2-PSK or WPA-ENT. Which should I choose to match our set up?
    Also, we are using certificate based authentication. I exported our private certificate. It can only be exported to a .cer file. I renamed it and changed the extension to .crt. I also put it into the cacerts directory. It won’t show up in the list of certificates available on the V10L under wirelessauthentication802.1X
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    you have to use what is available. If this does not fit with your environment you have to rethink your strategy – sorry.
    To import the cert go to Network Setup-Security and click on Certificate Mgmt below. There you have the option to import the certificate.
    Or add a line similar to this one to your wnos.ini:
    AddCertificate=mycert.crt and drop a copy of your mycert.crt to wnoscacerts folder.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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