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    First let me start off letting you know that I’m very new to thin client computing (so forgive me if I sound dumb).

    I have recently purchased a couple winterm 3820tx tablet thin clients… They are unfortunately a little outdated and I was hoping to find some method to either update the firmware or install a linux distro on them. I am having issues getting my PCMCIA wireless adapters to work due to driver issues (along with other USB devices and such).

    Not a whole lot of information out there on these clients, so I was hoping perhaps someone here is familiar with them or a process to update them.

    If anyone has any information, it is greatly appreciated.


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    I have one in my lab. I am using it with either Cisco Aironet 350 or Orinoco Silver PCMCIA wireless adapters.
    What else do you need to know?


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