WDM Imaging issues merlin HTTPS

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    we have deployed WDM version 4.8.5. we are using this to control z90d7 model wyse devices.
    our model is an internet only model, non of our branches are on our network and all just have standard broadband connections.
    what we have done so far is as follows.
    Instal WDM on a server in the DMZ.
    Open port 443 on our firewall to allow the wyse devices to communicate in over 443.
    creat an External A record for our WDM server name WDMServer.domain.com
    assigned this name in the wdm preferences/service/port settings.
    we have then disabled FTP as this will not work externally to our network.

    This setup forces all clients to use 443 and contact the WDM server.
    This setup works and the clients checkin.
    we have also setup the correct DHCP and SRV records internally so that if we put a wyse device on our corporate network it will also wor.

    we currently have two problems.

    1 if we pull an image from a z series wyse on our coporate network it works fine but when we try to deploy the image back we get an error dutting the OS deployment. the error is Segmentation Fault.

    2 when we try and push and pull anything over the internet to wyse devices off our network the below happens.
    devices promts that there is an update and automatically reboots.
    The device boots to the merlin boot agent and asks for the relevant settings. Server name IP etc. THese are pre filled in on our image.

    The device then obviously try to do a DHCP and SRV check wich fail as the devices are not on our network. The devices then try to resolve the WDM server via HTTPS. This connects and says succesful. The machine should then start to push or pull the image but instead just boots to the operating system….

    we have had this working and it should work im not sure what im doing wrong. we have also seen that if you take a wyse device out of the box and manually fill in the wdm server name in control pannel the image push pull over the internet works? this leads me to belive its something with our image thats stopping it…

    ive tried rebuildin the image from scratch wth no luck.

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