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    i am trying to create multiple packages for different locations and in the rsp script i want to define category and sub category where the packages should be stored. is it possible to do this? can someone pls help?

    like, my script has Category=”AUS”. Now i want other packages to be stored within AUS into sub categories like MEL, SYD etc.

    thanks and regards.

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    Unfortunately WDM does not support Sub-Folders in the package view. Create a folder called AUS when you import and call the package MEL-XXXXXX, SYD-XXXXXX to group them together,


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    I have a somewhat similar question – when PXE pulling an image from an XPe terminal, they are always automatically placed in the IMAGES folder. Is there a way to change this by default? I know I could pull the image then reimport it VIA an RSP script, but anyway to cut out extra steps is ideal in my book.

    Basically I want to be able to pull certain images to a folder called STANDARDS, BETA builds, etc…stuff like that.

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    No, this is hardcoded.
    The image folder is used for DDC for example and therefore only images that are stored in the Image folder are shown.


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