WDM 4.8.5 not refressing

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    Goodmorning to you all,
    I am fearly new in this matter and I have read already a lot of the mentioned topics in this forum but I have still some issues. I’ve installed WDM 4.8.5 but it is not refressing when clients checkin. I really have to refresch manualy before any changes appears. Is this a normal behavior for WDM? Also the scheduled imaging is not working. they stay in the scheduled packes folder, sometimes in the state boot or just with the date-time entry. Some help is appriciated.
    My network is build up as follows;
    Server 2003R2, with WDM 4.8.5
    DHCP options 186 and 192 are set
    Thin Clients are R90L7 (WES7)
    Bootagent merlin 1.9.1


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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