WDM 4.5.3 not successfully deploying HotFixes…

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    I have a newer WDM 4.5.3 environment that I’m testing functionality in before rolling it out in production. Currently I’m trying to apply all the necesary MS HotFixes to my XPe clients (V90LE) and I’m not having much luck.
    I downloaded the HotFixes from wyse.com and created a new package for each. Next I tried to deploy the package just as I would an image. Only when I check the ‘Scheduled Packages’ list all the HotFixes end up saying:
    “[Previous errors not found][Client did not respond. Update Moved to Error]”

    I appreciate any help or direction!

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    check the last column in Device Manager and see if the units are checking in at all?
    After scheduling the job try
    – rebooting the unit to force a check-in
    – right click the unit and select “refresh device information” to force a check-in also
    – reboot the WDM server and then schedule the jobs.


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    WDM 4.5.3 had a new Scheduling Timeout Feature that would return this behavior. If you scheduled an update to a device but it failed to accept and checkin, then it moves the update to error to free-up the update thread for other devices. Verify they are all checking in and that you can initiate communication with the devices. An easy way is to choose hte right-click > reboot option to send a realtime command. If it works then you have communication. You make need to increase the timeout values to accomidate any latency issues for the updates.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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