WDM 4.5.1 does not set write filter

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    Hi All, especially Think Thin – thank’s for this great resource.

    I want WDM to be able to update an .exe remotely on the quickly increasing number of terminals we are rolling out. I have written the script below which fails because WDM does not disable the write filter – it reboots the V90 (XPe) okay but the filter is not disabled and then the scheduler, logs etc show this error, because it is unable to delete the file.

    Access Denied in DF C:Program Files… Line# 24 Cmd: DF C:Program files… etc

    Script begins:
    Description=Upgrade terminal to new Test executable version: xxx
    Category=Other Packages

    ;Check the OS on terminal
    CO “XP”

    ;Prompt user for upgrade

    ;Lock the console

    ;Delete the existing .exe
    DF “C:Program FilesMyCompanyTestTest.exe”

    ;Copy the new .exe to terminal
    SF “Files*” “C:Program FilesMyCompanyTest”

    ;Unlock (Enables the write filter and reboots)

    Any ideas chaps?

    Thanks muchly,

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    I may have thrown you a bum steer here.

    Though I am having some funny issues with WDM I think I have solved this one (touch wood). The reason I was getting the access denied message was due to the .exe being in use. I have create a batchfile that kills the process (using the WinXP TaskKill utility) before I attempt to delete or overwrite the .exe and that seems to have done the trick.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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