W2008 Aero glass (and other video considerations)

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    Looks like Aero glass is not available through “Regular” RDP.
    D10D client, ThinOS 8, connecting to a W2008r2.

    I can’t take advantages of RemoteFX because the w2008r2 server is a virtual machine running on Oracle Vm (Xen flavor). I understood that RemoteFx requires Hyper-V.

    I nevertheless tried to enable RemoteFx on the server (through gpedit).
    I’m not 100% sure if RemoteFx was used but I *felt* that rendering performances were poored (flash video were slightly more sluggish. Just feeling).

    BTW, what’s your experience with video performances needs and RDSH, RFX, HDX etc. Server side rendering vs redirection ?

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