View 4.6 logon slow compared to 4.1

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    I am currently piloting a View 4.6 environment. I have noticed that the logon process is much slower compared to my current View 4.1 environment.

    My setup is as follows:

    The View 4.1 environment is running on ESX 3.5, Windows 2003 with 4GB RAM.

    The View 4.6 environment in running on ESX 4.1, Windows 2008 R2 with 10GB RAM.

    Each set of Brokers is paired using NLB.

    The clients are Wyse V10L with WTOS 7.0113. We are using smartcard login.

    When using the same Wyse terminal connecting to the View 4.1 environment the initial process where the list of desktop pools are presented to the user is much quicker than when connecting to the View 4.6 environment.

    The two View environment are in the same VLAN.

    The hardware available to the 4.6 environment is less contended than the 4.1 environment and the VM’s themselves are configured with more RAM and are 64 bit. One would assume that the 4.6 environment would perform better.

    Are there any issues with 4.6 and logon speed?

    Has anyone come across a similar situation with Wyse / View 4.6 / Smartcard?

    Thanks for any replies,


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    Is it just the logon or also inside the session?


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    It is just the logon.

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