V90’s and LCD Monitors

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    I have a site that is using V90’s along with HP1706 LCD’s. At 1024×768@65hz and @75hz, the screen shakes. Bumping the resolution up to 1280×1024 (the monitors native resolution) fixes the shakiness. Of course, none of the users like this resolution because its to small…

    However, using the same monitors and v90’s here in my office I cannot get the screen to shake at any resolution.. well maybe if I picked up the monitor and actually shook it…

    This leads me to believe there is some kind of interference going on at that site. What gets me is that the lcd’s didn’t shake when they were hooked up to regular pc’s (dell gx150’s).. Unless the power supplies in the pc’s filtered out the interference a little.

    Any Ideas?

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    A few things to try…

    Run the monitor at the native refresh which will be 60Hz (check the manual). There is no reason to run LCD at high refresh like we did on CRT monitors.

    Also try a different monitor cable, some cables are crap and I saw this on a bunch of Dell cables once. Changing the cable fixed it.

    Good Luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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