V90LEW Image on C90LEW box

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    I am trying to get an image from a V90LEW on to a C90LEW box, the reason being that the V90LEW image is smaller than the C90LEW image that I have which will allow me to add certain applications that are required for use in the hospital that I work for. I also don’t really have an option of anything other than that one V90LEW image to work with.

    I am able to bypass the security failure, bios push succeeds and everything else in the process looks all well and good. It says ‘Push Succeeded’ but then gets stuck at boot. Comes up with (c) Wyse 2.3 and then a blinking cursor.

    Is it possible to do this or have I completely overlooked something plainly obvious?

    And if this has already been posted, my bad.

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    This will not work due to BIOS and driver incompatibility.
    Don’t do that as it could kill your unit.


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