V90 Operating System Issues

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    My company has about 8 V90 Dual Video (V90L?) output devices.
    I am having issues finding a configuration that works for me…

    Config 1

    Boot to Linux (TinyCore) from a USB stick and configure from there.
    Works fine with std Xvesa driver outputs to DVI on single monitor.
    Issue: MS Access 2000 applications in Terminal server causes session to freak out/hang/die when clicking into empty text box. (tabbing into them is OK however.. WEIRD!)

    Config 2

    Boot to Linux (TinyCore) as above only with Accelerated X Driver with FreeRDP rather than XVesa/RDesktop pair.
    Issue: Difficult to find a OpenChrome/Unichrome driver that works well, also (with accelerated driver) need to have the expensive “Y” DVI->DVI+VGA adapter and use the VGA output rather than the native DVI output.
    The plain single DVI->VGA adapter that comes with the TC’s does not work! — Frustrating!

    Config 3

    Boot to native XPe OS
    Displays Good for Single Screen

    Issue 1:
    Will not do 1920×1080 in dual screens,
    Even though the Screen setting says it is 1920×1080 in both, the second display is not full resolution and is very fuzzy (do not remember what the LCD display said the actual resolution was).
    When trying to update the video driver I bricked the system and had to re-image from one of the other devices.

    Issue 2:
    So I decide just use a single screen for now.
    However the special keystrokes that should go to the TS session instead get caught by the thin client windows desktop,
    Alt-Tab, Ctl-Alt-Del, etc…
    It is very frustrating for the users to have to learn new keystrokes and then remember when they are on the thin client especially since full screen mode is meant to make the session “feel” like a real desktop.

    Is there any settings I can apply to cause all keystrokes to be sent to the Terminal session?

    Config 4

    WTOS 7: Will this work on the V90L and the V90 (Vga)?

    Terminal Server Config

    We have several sessions that run over a WAN VPN or remote sessions on laptops, is the Wyse TCX suite any help there or do I need to do something like PowerTerm?


    My desire it to use a non-windows OS but if windows will do the trick I will be all over it.
    I have Linux Configs that work fine except for the edge case that I have to deal with here. There are a few Linux questions out there on the V90 that are hopefully answered here. Reply if you want more details.

    Thanks to anyone that could provide some direction here, I feel a little trapped.

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