V90 Blue Screen

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    I am currently pushing out a script to our 1600 thin clients, which are a mixture of v90’s and v90le’s.

    The script changes the following:
    updates background, changes time zone info, and configures windows time to synch with the WDM server.

    The script has been deployed to 900 thin clients, with reports of blue screens on some of the V90’s apx 36 of them. I opened a case with Wyse, which was useless. I am currently working with our sales engineer who suspects it might be the Hagent on the devices. Although the blue screens do not occur until a few days after the script has been deployed. I am suspecting it could be the fact that we have deployed many scripts over the last year or so and the V90’s are just starting to show their age.

    I am really at a loss. Has anyone experienced this sort of issue?


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    Can you take a note of the Stop Error on the Blue Screen? If its caused by the Hagent there will be a message about the EWF causing the issue,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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