v90 Adding Scanner Software and Fax Software

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    I have been unable to load Active Voice Fax Software (VF 3.4.1 to the V90. I get the error “LoadDriver: AddPrinterDriver attempt 1 returns 126”.

    I have a cannon MP830. I can print and scan with OP Lite. However, we need the one touch scan software since we scan 40 to 60 docuements a day. When I attempt to load the cannon software for the one touch scanning I get the same attempt “AddPrinterDriver attempt 1 returns 126”.

    What would I be missing. I have imaged the lastest XPE from Wyse. They have not come up with a solution for several months.

    Thank you for your ideas.

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    Hi Joe,

    A few things to try…

    First try and extract the drivers (the .inf, .cat, .sys and .dll) and manually install these from Device Manager. Generally this is easy and the files small – sometimes the installer can not find the path on Xpe.

    Secondly for the Scanner to work you will most likely need a Image with the Windows Imaging and Acquisition layer (WIA). This layer installs the Windows Faxes and Cameras wizard and many cameras and scanners need this layer to work now. Unfortunately all you used to need was TWAIN support (which is in the image) but you now need WIA as well.

    To get a WIA image for the V90 or S90 give Wyse support a call and they may be able to help out,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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