V30LE & USB devices

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    Help .. I have been running around in ever decreasing circles trying to resolve this one.

    We have a Win2008 TS server and V30LE terminals. I am trying to get various USB devices to work without much success. I have installed the TCX virtualizer on the terminal and the TCX suite on the server (with just the USB Virtualizer enabled), set the devices, a DigitalPersona fingerprint reader, Zebra GK420d label printer & an Olympus DS330 dictation device to “always work on the remote server” but I just can not get them to work.

    I have recreated the RDP connection, so many times I feel I can do it in my sleep, something this ‘simple’ issue has deprived me of and in the RDP config properties have everything enabled ..

    What have I missed or am I being a complete muppet??


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    Hi Steve,

    yes, you are a complete m.. – NO you aren’t.
    I know from other tests that finger print readers are only rarely work. Same applies to dictation systems.
    But the printer should work fine. Why do you try to map this via TCX and not simply via local printer config?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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