V10L’s keep ending Citrix Sessions

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    Here is what we want:

    We are setting up HR Kiosks. User will sit down at kiosk and the kiosk will log in to a Citrix based Internet Explorer so the user can do what they need to.

    All clients use a mac.ini and all clients access Citrix with the same Active Directory(AD) credentials. Same user starting all of the sessions.


    The problem is that if I boot up the client at my desk, it launches IE, every thing works great. Now if I go to the room adjacent to me and boot up that client, it kills my citrix session on the computer at my desk.

    Smooth roaming is OFF in our Citrix environment so it looks like there is something in the WTOS that is causing the Citrix sessions to keep dying. I have tested that this anomaly doesn’t exist on our WinXp computers as I was able to log in with the same user/pass and start two unique sessions.

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    PnliteServer=PNLiteServer ReconnectAtLogon=0 ReconnectFromButton=0

    Otherwise post your wnos.ini and mac.ini here to troubleshoot.
    Which firmware version are you running on?


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    Yes and my recommendation is NEVER log into ADCitrix with the same account.

    Check out the examples on the WTOS downloads on this site but make a unique account in AD for each terminal and login with a variable.

    How? Rename the terminal “user1” and then use the username=$TN in the WNOS.INI file.

    Should solve your issues and some you have not had yet 🙂

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