V10LE stops recognizing USB Hubs

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    Has anyone else seen this behavior. We have a batch of 2010 and 2011 V10LE thin clients that have lasted about 3-6 weeks with a hub on them then stop detecting the hub and any devices attached. If you remove the hub and plug the devices into the client they work. If you plug the hub into a different client then it works with that client but not with the first one. No brand of hub will work with an affected V10LE.

    The hubs are powered and only the hub is plugged into the back of the V10LE. Running FW 7.0.113.

    I have used a kensington pocket hub for years with mine. I have given that to the other IT person that is having this problem to test if something about those hubs is ruining the TC usb ports or not. Strange thing is that each device works if not on a hub.

    She is on her 4th TC in several months.
    The only thing she has been plugging in to the powered hub is the keyboard, mouse. usb powered speakers and a usb floppy from time to time.

    I have had the unpowered hub I gave her driving the usb powered speakers, dvd burner, keyboard and mouse without issue.

    I’m stumped right now. I have a case open with wyse currently and waiting to hear back from level 2 support.



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