V10LE Extreemly slow graphics through VNC

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    Hi All,

    We have rolled out around 30 new V10’s on the WAN and all are working through a couple of different (yet practically identical) wnos.ini files.

    We have new the NETWORK set to use Zlib compression with the line:

    ;* Network *

    Device=Ethernet Speed=”Auto”
    MaxVNCD=1 VNCD_8bits=yes VNCD_Zlib=yes

    But when we try to connect remotely to any unit there is between a 10 and 40 delay on the desktop or mouse movement. It is SOOOO bad that it is unusable.

    However I am trying to fix this as it is only there for an emergency when you really need to connect to a terminal which at the moment it is impossible to do.

    I have spoken to our Network guys and they say:

    “The ThinOS based V10’s terminals appear not to support compression on the VNC connection. Shadowing works, but over a remote link, it is slow enough to be almost unusable. I get the same poor performance when I try to connect remotely to a terminal in another country. On a LAN there is enough bandwidth that the shadowing session is usable, even uncompressed. Note that on the Linux based terminals (with 50 in the model number), the VNC shadowing does support compression. I can connect to a remote V50L terminal and the performance is acceptable.”

    Does anyone have a suggestion to get round this as these V10’s are new and I have tried REal VNC, UltraVNC and mRemote to connect to them – mRemote gives the best results by the way.

    Any help and suggestion would be helpful.

    Many thanks

    Brian Edgeley

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      Hi Brian,

      this is a known but still annoying problem.
      Please contact Wyse directly and push them to open a call with engineering.
      It is free for you and the only way to get this sorted out.


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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