V10L with 128/256/512 MB RAM?

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    Hello –

    I notice that there are part numbers for the V10L that include different amounts of RAM and flash memory. The flash memory I understand. Why would someone opt for the 256 MB or 512 MB RAM models over the base 128 MB one? Is the extra memory useful for local applications? More sessions? VDI or O/S streaming? More RAM for Multimedia decoding?

    V10L, 128F/256R, 2DVI, US

    V10L, 256F/512R, US

    V10L, 128F/128R, Option MSE, Y-Cable, US

    Looks like the 902161-01L has two DVI ports and the 902138-07L includes the DVI-I to dual DVI/VGA cable? My main criterion is better Adobe Flash performance. The Wyse sales rep said TCX does not address Adobe Flash. He suggested two options. A V90L or R90L with local Internet Explorer instances. Or a V10L using the VMware View (VDI) product. He wasn’t able to answer many simple (to me) technical questions, so that’s why I’m posting here. So what scenarios would cause one to look at the 256MB or 512 MB RAM V10L versus the 128MB model?

    We currently use the Wyse 1200LE (WTOS 5.0.061) to connect to a Citrix PS 4.0 farm on Windows Server 2003. We do have a few Neoware Capio One linux devices (for CDROM, FDD, serial port (truck sales), and/or ps/2 support (barcode wedge readers)), and a few S50 Linux devices (replacements for the Neowares). The major software applications we run are a VT220 Terminal Emulator, Lotus Notes 7, MS Word, Excel, Access, and Project 2003, Internet Explorer 6, Adobe Reader 9, SolidWorks eDrawings CAD viewer, WinZip 9, and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i with ePO.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Aaron,

    each session needs some additional memory. Also if using multimedia, the videos are first copied locally to the client and then played back from the thin. Therefore more memory gives you a slight better performance.
    Flash accelaration will be available from Wyse in the near future (limited to Flash video in the first step).
    You are right that the one unit has Dual DVI and therefore more memory to support more video RAM (shared memory).
    Hope that helps.


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