V10L Wireless stick incompatible?

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    Hello all. I have a V10L with system version 6.3.0_12f and ROM 1.16i. I purchased a TP-LINK TL-WN722N wireless adapter to use on my V10L, but It cant see it. Is there any way of adding drivers or getting this unit to see my wireless stick? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Are you sure it’s FAT32 formatted ? I don’t think NTFS is supported, also check your system log and see if you see any erros.

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    I’m not sure what file system the wyse box uses. (I’ve one been working with them for about a month now and dont know much about them) When the sytem information dialogue comes up it errors out “No Ethernet Link”. Under the status tab the wireless speed, channel and signal strength are all N/A. So i’m assuming I just need drivers to pick the wireless stick up, but from what i’ve researched its not possible to install any (which seems ridiculous to me)

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    There is only one stick supported and this is the Wyse own one.
    No more drivers are included and there is no way to add any.
    BTW, the support for that stick has been removed with the 7.x firmware. Maybe it is coming back but for now it is gone. But as long as you are staying with 6.x firmware, you are fine.


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