V10L Power Management

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    Hi. I apologise if this question has been asked and answered. I have been looking into scheduled shutdowns with the V10L. I have read some posts that said this is not possible with out Rapport. However, these posts were about the S10. I want to be able to shutdown all clients at night and have them boot at a certain time in the morning. So just wondering if anyone out there has dealt with a similar situation.

    Also….. I saw a post saying that the S10 uses around 8 watts of power on average. Is this roughly the same for the V10L. I just need some figures to show management so I can prove that these little units are saving them money already.


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    WoL and shutdown is currently not scheduleable with or without WDM (aka Rapport).
    The only option you have would be to write your own script using SNMP commands.
    On the other hand here are some power consumption numbers for you:
    S10 4 Watt when off and 6.5 W when running
    V10L 2.5 W when off and 14 W when running


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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