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    Just upgraded to 7.0_113 and have figured out all of the bugs except….need to get rid of the “Global Connection Settings” button. Any update to this? Other posts have said this wasn’t capable but should be in May, 2011. Nothing has been posted since to say if this happened or not.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Not sure if this will be coming with the next release but currently it is still not possible.
    And having checked the beta release notes of the upcoming 7.1 version, it still looks not very positive.


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    it’s fixed in 7.0.217, but uhh they change the UI to the new look without a choice to get it back to default.
    Got a ticket currently open with Wyse how to get the classic look back for the connection manager while using firmware 7.0.217, it’s was all fine with 7.0.113

    anyway try 7.0.217 the Global Connection button should be grayed out now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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